Tadross & Zahloute have been providing fine Oriental carpets and rugs since 1897. We take pride in our attention to quality, detail and value. Our expertise covers a wide range of styles, regions and cultures in the centuries old craft of carpet weaving, knotting, coloring and care.

Magic carpets? It’s never been proven, but we won’t deny the possibility!

Give us a call and let us guide you in the care and preservation of your treasured heirloom, or help you acquire just the perfect piece for your home or office!

A Carpet is larger than 9' x 12'  •  A Rug is 9' x 12' or smaller  •  A Mat is 2' x 3' or smaller


Within a literary Play of Words, Persian poets often used the word 'Carpet' as a metaphor. It was used to designate a mystical kind of poetry. Therefore, the poet weaves words just as the weaver weaves color and design into the warp and weft.

From at least the 5th Century BC till today, approximately 2500 years, the hand made, knotted pile rug is one of the oldest products of traditional folk art to have survived practically unchanged in all it's essentials.

An antique rug is one that is 100 years or older, a semi-antique rug is between 50 and 100 years old. The older the rug, the more it needs experienced, professional care.