Tadross & Zahloute Services

An antique rug is one that is 100 years or older, a semi-antique rug is between 50 and 100 years old. The older the rug, the more it needs experienced, professional care.

  • CLEANING: We will give all of your fine rugs special care: gentle washing and rinsing (including fringe), and air-drying. Rugs will be examined Needed repairs and unusual wear will be noted, and restoration estimates submitted.
  • FINISHING: Manicure nap, trim fringes, trim binding, where needed.
  • BINDING: Edges can be re-bound by removing the old binding and replacing it with new yarn of appropriate color.
  • FRINGE: Worn areas can be filled in or reconstructed with new warp thread and re-knotted or replaced with hand sewn cotton or wool yarn.
  • WEAVING: The foundation of a rug can be rebuilt by adding new warp and weft threads, re-knotting design and color back into the rug, then shearing to the original pile level.
  • PATCHING: Due to age or size of the rug, reconstruction can also be accomplished with a patch if appropriate. This can be less costly. We have stockpiled many old fragments for this purpose.
  • COUNSELING & APPRAISALS: We will be happy to make suggestions about what to look for when purchasing Oriental rugs: how and where to use rugs, floor design layout, origin/value if you inherit a rug.